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Preferably, the master gaming controller 102 can control these varied peripheral devices by way of the communication connections therewith. As illustrated, the SCI 200 is interposed between the I/O board 104 and the printer 116, the I/O board 104 and the display 112, and the I/O board 104 and the touch display screen 114. The SCI 200 may be interposed between the I/O board 104 and other of the parts. An input/output (I/O) board 104 is associated with the grasp gaming controller 102. The I/O board 104 may be a part of the grasp gaming controller 102 or, as illustrated in FIG. 7, be related to the backplane 100. The input/output board 104 might include various connectors or communication ports to be used in connecting various parts to the master gaming controller 102 (whereby the master gaming controller 102 could present info, to the parts, and/or receive data from those elements). Preferably, that system contains at the least one server 202. The SCI 200 could transmit data over this communication hyperlink C8 to the server 202 and/or receive data over this hyperlink from the server 202. It is going to be appreciated that the SCI 200 might be configured to communicate with a couple of exterior machine, comparable to more than one server or different sources of information, both by way of a number of communication links.

The participant tracking server forty two could a computing system which has a processor for executing directions, a memory for storing knowledge comparable to instructions and monetary value information, and no less than one communication interface. The casino gaming machine 26 may also embrace lights, printed instructions and different shows/display devices. For example, the casino gaming machine 26 might embrace a player tracking machine, comparable to a card reader 76 and related keypad 80. Such player monitoring devices are well-known and should permit the sport operator to trace play of gamers of the gaming machine. As described below, the casino gaming machines 26 may be a part of a gaming system, corresponding to a casino gaming system which hyperlinks a number of of the gaming machines, one or more desk video games and other devices equivalent to kiosks, accounting programs or servers, progressive programs or servers, player monitoring methods or servers or the like. In accordance with one or more embodiments, the secondary gaming performance could also be provided at a participant’s computing device, e.g., via at the least one social media system server or a server-based gaming system. In accordance with a number of embodiments, a modified gaming machine comprises a plurality of gaming machine peripheral devices together with at the very least one video show and at the very least one participant enter system, a essential recreation controller and a secondary controller.

That display may be of a wide range of sorts, including CRT, LCD, plasma and others. Such would possibly comprise, for instance, gaming tables. The secondary gaming performance could comprise, however isn’t restricted to: (1) the play of one or more secondary video games or other events, resembling bonus games, independent secondary games or secondary video games or events which are linked to a major sport; (2) bonus award opportunities, corresponding to elevated payouts for profitable main game outcomes; and/or (3) the award of non-financial reward points. In accordance with one or more embodiments, the first gaming functionality gives a wager-primarily based video sport and the secondary gaming performance supplies a number of independent simultaneous betting opportunities on the wager-based video recreation.

In a single embodiment, various features of the invention could also be carried out via the SCI 200. The SCI 200 may connect to a bally’s casino server, comparable to casino server 24 or casino server 202. On this manner, information associated with main and/or secondary gaming performance which is obtained at the casino gaming machine 26 by the SCI 200 could also be supplied to the casino server, one or more distant servers, a number of distant computing units or presentation devices 22. Moreover, data associated with main and/or secondary gaming functionality obtained by the casino server from one other computing machine, e.g., a remote server and/or presentation device 22, may be provided to the casino gaming machine 26 through SCI 200. By means of a non-limiting example, such info may comprise information relating to game play related to the first and or secondary recreation situations supplied by machine 26. For simplicity sake, data concerning main and secondary gaming performance may be referred to herein collectively and gaming functionality info. By the use of a non-limiting instance, in a case that the modified gaming machine is configured to supply major and secondary cases of a wager-based mostly video-poker sport, the secondary controller may, in response to person input, cause the modified gaming machine to use one or more playing cards from the primary occasion of the video poker game to spawn a number of further cases of the video poker game. Wager-based mostly gaming continues to grow in popularity.

The principle recreation controller is configured to implement main gaming functionality, and is configured to generate and transmit data to the plurality of gaming machine peripheral gadgets. In accordance with a number of embodiments, the secondary controller could trigger a minimum of one secondary instance of a wager-based video sport to be offered by way of another modified gaming machine. Ideally, the a number of player enter units provide an output to the gaming controller to be used in play of the game. The modified gaming machine provides the consumer, or player, the ability to play a number of video games although the primary recreation supplied by the grasp gaming controller isn’t configured to offer a number of video games. As a further non-limiting example, while one or more additional video games could also be spawned from the first recreation in response to participant enter, e.g., in response to the participant holding a card in the first recreation, the a number of cards held by the participant will not be used in the a number of extra palms.