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Agree fully with Anonymous at 8:42pm. The opposition has to stay in front of the constituents and visual usually. The number of constituents of Potong Pasir is simply too low to be an SMC even for 2006 and 2011 elections. Subsequent spherical, we probably will not see LKY within the elections. Prepare for GE 2016, cease showing solely throughout the elections. Stop living previously and look to the longer term. Take it as a primary step in direction of better things to come back in the future. Seeing that a number of younger persons are not afraid to voice out their comments on FB and twitter, there is still hope for our future technology. Miles of lovely sandy beach simply steps from the matrix casino makes this RV parking lot a extremely popular place.

Do away with all PRs sitting in the RC who are there to get precedence place in Pri 1 registeration. SPoreans who voted for PAP have absolutely NO Proper TO COMPLAIN. Many many questions. Unfortunately, the media is too shallow to see them, or too afraid to comment about them. George Yeo’s almost distressing lament concerning the WP giving Aljunied GRC voters a diliema, by contesting in his stronghold, is a really telling remark. My good pal chided me for not flying again dwelling to vote, not that it will have made a difference for my GRC which was won by PAP by the large margin. 2) Change their attitudes toward Opposition Singaporean voters elected MPs. More elected MPs (and NCMPs) for WP means more dangers and exposure. I look ahead to a extra exciting GE2016. We shall continue to help you.

As for the latter 2, individuals need to take either one and be taught to stop complaining about it, since it is already that means. I hope they are good and take WP further for all of us. I hope these who’ve lost will proceed to walk their ground. In my prior instance, if a player selected to split (for some crazy purpose), then the 9 would have been the primary card put on one of those 6’s. The following card dealt to the participant would be the same card the dealer was dealt for the player who hit. Let’s just say that an historic opposing military of 82 have been armed with spears and javelins and you have been one of many six having to face them, assuming that you have been additionally armed with comparable weapons. Of course, many argue that having PR ability isn’t sufficient. Only PM has displayed skill in that–and in the last days of the campaigning. I’m actually disillusioned that regardless of so much hardships, sufferings, anger and frustrations in the last five years, most Singaporeans are still as daft as earlier than.

With the eight months bonus given last December given, the PAP has sealed its victory on this GE. So, in whole there will all the time be 45-fifty five % of PAP voters in each GE. GE2011 will go in historical past as the turning level where political apathy was cracked open and Singaporeans lastly realized that they’ve a voice after all by means of their scared vote. This beholden group amounts to about 5-10 p.c of voters who will vote for the PAP. Attention was diverted for qite a few from the opposite contested seats to Aljunied thereby encouraging voters that have been undecided to solid their votes in line with the norm – that is Vote the Incumbent. I had written in to point that when MM mentioned that “Aljunied is the only scorching contest” that it was just like neurolinguistic framing by which the attention and concerns of the readers/listeners are subliminally focussed.