Six Fun Things To Do In Seattle

Seattle is an amazing city with a lot to see and do. From taking in a Seahawks game to visiting the Space Needle, there is a lot to take in. Here are six fun things to do when you visit Seattle.

Take In A Seahawks Game

If you are visiting Seattle during football season, you might want to go pay a visit to CenturyLink field in Seattle. The Seahawks have one of the best home field advantages in sports. The Seattle crowd is so loud that they are called the 12th man.

Quarterback Russell Wilson has been one of the biggest winners in all of football. He led the Seahawks to a Super Bowl title in 2013. The Seahawks made the Super Bowl again in 2014 and just fell short. If you’re a football fan, go watch a game at CenturyLink field.

Everything about CenturyLink field is state of the art. The views from every seat is spectacular. There are plenty of delicious food to eat in the stadium. You can eat a bacon burger, or even biscuits with gravy.

Visit The Space Needle

The Space Needle is located in downtown Seattle. Tickets to enter the Space Needle are a reasonable price. The Space Needle is 605 feet high, and the views from the top floor are breathtaking.

The top floor is 518 feet high. On the top floor you can enjoy wine at the wine bar. A glass of wine and a breathtaking view of downtown Seattle makes the space needle a must visit.

The area around the Space Needle has a playground for children. This is a great place to visit for the entire family.

Visit Pike’s Market

Pike’s market is famous and known for their fish market. The workers there will happily throw fresh fish back and forth to each other. It truly is a fun show to experience.

The market has a lot more than just a fish market. It’s actually one gigantic farmers market. You can easily spend half a day perusing the wares of the entire market.

There is a farmers market, a craft market, produce market, and the fresh fish market. At Pike’s there are also delicious baked goods to purchase.

If you are hungry for a sit down restaurant, Pike’s market has you covered there as well. There is a delicious restaurant there that specializes in serving local Seattle seafood.

The market also has an arcade that will surely entertain families with children. Make sure to check out Rachel the Piggy Bank. This bronze sculpture of a pig weighs 550 pounds. Putting in some change may bring you some luck.

Visit Top Pot Donuts

Top Pot donuts has delighted donut lovers in Seattle since 2002. The doughnuts are simply delicious.

Head down to Top Pot in downtown Seattle on fifth Avenue. Many famous people have enjoyed Top Pot including former President Barack Obama. The coffee there is also not to be missed. An amazing doughnut and delicious coffee is a great way to enjoy a day in downtown Seattle.

Visit The Museum Of Flight

If you are into aviation, then you need to check out The Museum Of Flight in Seattle. There are more than 150 aircrafts on display at the museum. Where else can you see a Boeing 747 jet, and a replica of the plane Amelia Earhart disappeared in?

After you pay for admission you get to see a 3d movie detailing the history of flight. Visitors can also check out a mock Space Shuttle orbiter. Basically you can see how astronauts can train. At the museum you can also get a view of the ocean and SeaTac airport from the bridge outside.

Go On A Cruise At Seattle Harbor

Seattle Harbor has a wide array of cruises to choose from. The Seattle Harbor is gorgeous, and the views from the cruise are simply spectacular. The harbor also has a ferris wheel right on the waterfront

Seattle has so much to see and do that it is hard to fit everything in on one visit. It truly has something that every member of the family will enjoy. From shopping to food and sports, there are plenty of things to entertain everyone.

If you are visiting Seattle for the first time visiting the Space Needle and Pike’s Market are an absolute must. Both places capture the soul of the city.

Visiting these six places will give you everything you would want out of the Seattle experience. Taking in a Seahawks game will show you how passionate the fans of Seattle are.

The doughnuts at Top Pot are a Seattle treat, and the farmers market at Pike’s Market have some of the most fresh and delicious food that you can imagine. Visit the Museum of Flight, and cruise the harbor for an amazing Seattle experience. Seattle is a city that must be experienced.